Pension Plan

Pension Plan was established effective January 1, 1975 to provide retirement benefits to Participating Employees on their retirement from employment. The Plan also provides benefits to Participating Employees who terminate their membership in the Plan prior to retirement, either by death, disability or termination of employment under the terms of the applicable Collective Agreement.

Collective Agreements between the Union and Employers specify that an hourly contribution must be paid to the Boilermakers Lodge 191 Pension Plan.

The Plan has been registered with Canada Revenue Agency (formerly Revenue Canada) and the Pension Department of The Financial Institutions Commission of British Columbia (“ FICOM ”), the provincial government agency which administers and enforces the Pension Benefits Standards Act (“ PBSA ”). The Plan is administered by a committee of Trustees appointed by the Union. The day-to-day administration of the Plan is carried out by D.A. Townley.

The Pension Plan Booklet contains details of the benefits provided by the Plan and at the same time answers most of the questions you may have about the Plan. The information has been prepared by the Trustees to help you understand the Plan. If there is any discrepancy between the information contained in this web site and the Plan Text, then the wording of the Plan Text will govern.

Each year you will receive a statement of your benefits under the Plan accumulated to date. You can verify that the proper contributions have been made by your Employer by examining this statement. You must inform the Administrator if there are any discrepancies or errors in your statement of benefits.